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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free & open society...

"... in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity..." / more

Local LibDem News and Views...

  • South Ribble Council Office
    Article: Feb 24, 2021
    By Paul Valentine

    Auditors issue damning report into 2020 management of South Ribble Borough Council...

    Published report highlights litany of failures including:

    • £275,000 written-off after plans for a Health and Wellbeing campus were cancelled
    • A potential £2m pension liability
    • Rules and procedures at the authority had been "consistently breached"
    • The council did not have "proper arrangements to secure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in its use of resources"
    • Potential for so-called "management override of control" - the ability to circumvent rules put in place to preserve financial integrity
    • "Under performance" and delays within individual service areas, including food safety inspections, planning and tree maintenance
  • Article: Feb 4, 2021
    By David Thomas

    What's the political news in 2021? Joe Biden has become the 46th President of the United States of America, whilst from 1st January, there is now an official branch of the Liberal Democrats, focused on working exclusively for the people of West Lancashire.

    The Branch has approaching 100 members and registered supporters, and will be campaigning across the area at the forthcoming Borough and County Council elections on 6th May.

  • Adam Oakley
    Article: Jan 10, 2021
    By Adam Oakley

    The long-term future of the Liberal Democrats relies on encouraging new younger members to support the activities and introduce new policy ideas.

    There are so many ways young members can get involved, from leaflet dropping and helping create literature to discussing political issues that matter to them with others.

  • Article: Dec 20, 2020
    By Karen Taylor
    • Liberal Democrats believe in a modern Britain of genuine openness and equality without exception.
    • We aim for a society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect irrespective of their background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any other part of their identity.
    • In South Ribble and West Lancashire our aim is that our membership (and our Executive) is truly representative of all in our area and of all parts of our area, and that each member feels able to contribute and participate.
    • Diversity and inclusion are right at the heart of our constitution, which you can read here.
    • Click this link to download a recent guidance document entitled 'Whose vote are you missing?' which outlines top tips on engaging people from different backgrounds.
  • Jane Brophy MEP (Jane Brophy)
    Article: Dec 15, 2020
    By Jane Brophy

    We are all living in strange and unprecedented times.

    The impact of COVID-19 on our lives has shaken even the strongest of our societies and economies.

    So much has been done already to combat the virus' spread. The road ahead, however, is still filled with obstacles. For the foreseeable future, we will all have to live in a world dominated by this pandemic.

  • Article: Dec 12, 2020
    By Chris Burton-Johnson

    Disability blights the lives of 9 million people in the UK - but it is not an easy subject for politicians....

    • From personal experience I know that people and families who aren't affected by disability don't really want to hear about it…

    I have great empathy for Sir Ed Davey (Leader of the Liberal Democrats), who's life has focussed on caring for his family - because Heather, (my first wife) and Ros (my second) both died at an early age as a result of degenerative spinal conditions. Clare (who I married in 2018) has debilitating spinal pain challenges as a result of caring for Hannah (her proufoundly disabled daughter) …

  • Article: Dec 8, 2020
    By Peter Chandler

    Myth: Genetic engineering is just an extension of natural breeding and no more risky.
    Truth: Genetic engineering is radically different from natural breeding and poses special risks.

    Myth: GM foods are strictly tested and regulated for safety.
    Truth: Regulation relies on GM food safety tests conducted by developer companies and regulatory processes are weak.

    Myth: Independent studies confirm that GM foods and crops are safe.
    Truth: Independent research on GM foods is difficult or impossible to carry out, but many existing studies have found problems.

    Myth: GM foods are safe to eat.
    Truth: GM crops have toxic and allergenic effects on laboratory and farm animals.

    Myth: Many long-term studies show GM is safe.
    Truth: Few long-term studies have been carried out, but some show toxic effects from GM food.

    Myth: The Nicolia review compiles 1,700+ studies showing that GMOs are safe.

    Truth: Many of the papers fail to document GMO safety: some show certain GMOs are harmful; and important papers relevant to GMO safety are omitted or ignored.

  • soil picture 1
    Article: May 29, 2020
    By Veronica-Mae Soar

    When I was growing up there was a catchphrase often bandied about (with a suitable rustic accent) - "The answer lies in the soil." There have always been some who understood the importance of soil; but it has now become an imperative, as we are told that if we continue as we are then we have around 60 years worth of harvests left to us.

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